New iPods

Hey guys, new iPods.

-iPod Photo- 40gig for $499 and 60gig for $599. Displays photos, album art, and new user interface.

-U2 iPod- 20gig for $349. Black with red click wheel. Also includes $50 iTMS certificate for “The Complete U2” available in November.

-iTunes 4.7, includes photo sync. Works with iPhoto or Adobe Elements/Photo Album.


They sound really cool, and I was talking to someone today who said he would like to get the U2 iPod if it was reasonably priced. has all the pics and stuch.

Look slike apple is trying to catch up with the other multimedia players.
If I had a ton of money I would get the U2 iPod, I love the look.

Once I save up enough money i plan on getting the green mini iPod. I wonder why green. hmmmmm :rolleyes:

I’d get black if they had it! growl but I think another company has like a whole assortment of colors. I may get black, most definitely…gotta love 007.

I just hope somebody hacks them to playback video :smiley:

Archos does have a really nice mini video player for only about $400 though. Supposedly you get 5 hours of battery life with it, and its tinyy. The Gp400 i think?

Doubt it. The proc itself dosn’t support video play back, plus, why would you want to watch a video on that tiny screen?

Also, here’s some other cool info I got…

iTunes syncs the photos.

Transflective display, good for outdoor use!

New dock with video out.

Must use dock for video out.

The photo one isn’t really my cup of tea–then again, I see the iPod as a music player. So I may be biased. (On the other hand, I can see it becoming the photographer’s new best friend.)

That U2 iPod looks very nice, indeed. Given the colors of it (and the colors of USC), I’d be interested in it, if it weren’t for the $50 premium (well, I can use it towards their boxed set…but that’s even more money, I’m going to bet) and the fact that I’ve had my current one for just a week. :smiley:

Don’t forget album art.
Oh, if I wasn’t trying to save money, I’d abuse my near-empty Apple Loan right now.

The picture gallery seems so useless. Who would actually use that? It’s not like you can take pictures with it. Are you really going to upload pictures to your iPod and care to look at them on that small screen? And I think they’re also now heavier and thicker than before. Personally, I don’t like this change.

It’s not a change, it’s part of a new line, like iPod vs iPod mini.

Also, I can think of one, FIRST Competitions. Just plug the ipod and it’s dock to a computer screen and use the music and photo capabilities to show a long slide show.

I just got a 40gig ipod a month a go, and now a 1337er one comes out:(

100th post

I can’t believe how much storage space is on these things now! I still want a 20 gig one…haha Hopefully I will get one for Christmas. :rolleyes: Unless anyone has an old one they just don’t want. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a 3g ipod, which I personally like better than the blickable ones. It is the only all-touch ipod, with no buttons. I’m going to wait for the video ipod before I get anything new.

Hehe… I guess I’m happy with my Palm Zire 72 and Wifi card to stream the music off my 500gb fileserver :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think that the picture gallery is useless, but a good feature especially for a travler. For example if someone went to Europe for a couple of weeks, and took a bunch of pictures, but couldn’t store all of there photos on their CF card, an iPod would be a great addition to dump the photos on until you get to a computer. You can already do this on a 3g and 4g iPod, but now you can actually see the pictures now. What is really disappointing is that they didn’t include a multi-card reader or a link directly from the camera to the iPod. You must buy them separately from Belkin. But I am betting that they will include something in the next release.

As for video, Steve Jobs already said that they will probably never integrate video for two main reasons.

  1. The small screen
  2. Copyright issues: Now granted there are many ways to get a DVD to a video file, but the MPAA doesn’t like users ripping DVDs. And they shot down a company trying to sell one.

I would much rather get that ^

you should just get a full sized ipod with bright green from *the spelling might be off like colur but ya…)

Here’s a list of other iPod alternatives that are coming out for the Christmas season:

I gotta say my favorite is the 24 karat gold one :smiley: