New Jaguar Firmware: Version 91

Hello everybody,

We released 90 and then realized (thanks to David Brinza) the same bug was in Current Control mode. Doh! The firmware can be found at

Version 91 fixes this bug for Current Control mode. The details of the bug are described in this thread.

Remember, this update is only necessary if you’re using either Speed Control or Current Control mode. Voltage and Position Control modes are not affected.


Actually, it was our controls team mentor (ay2b) who found the anomaly. I’m glad you posted the intent of the fix for Version 90…

Thanks so much for the extra description of what is addressed in v91 of the firmware! It is very helpful to teams to know what the new features / fixed bugs are in order to determine whether or not to upgrade the Jaguars on our robot!

In the future, it would be awesome if some sort of “release notes” with this kind of information could be included in the “” files just as a README.TXT file or something.


PS: We love the Jaguars and the awesome support that Luminary Micro / Texas Instruments continues to provide with the product – your contribution to the FIRST competition is greatly appreciated!

Does the jag have the capibility to determine a pulse width comming in on its encoder lines? If so shouldnt the Gear Tooth sensor be up for consideration as an addition to the quadrane and potinometer input?

I dont think any hardware modifications would be nessassary just an interrupt on one of the pins for raising. Set a timeout to read the pin again after 50 uS. If the signal is high then decrease the counter otherwise increase the counter.

The existing firmware is expecting quadrature inputs at the encoder input connector.

If so shouldnt the Gear Tooth sensor be up for consideration as an addition to the quadrane and potinometer input?

When you say “the” Gear Tooth sensor do you have a particular sensor in mind? A simple gear tooth sensor signal doesn’t carry direction information as does a quadrature signal.


It was only the first year’s Gear Tooth Sensor (2006?) which provided direction information.

I thought all of the KOP gear tooth sensors returned the directional information through the length of the pulse. Each time the tooth passes the sensor outputs a pulse. When the tooth passes in one direction a certin length pulse would be sent and if the tooth passes in reverse a longer pulse would be sent