New Jersey FIRST teams! Summer vex- spread engineering through your community

Attention New Jersey teams! This summer, the Mount Olive Robotics Team will be running a summer vex league for students between the ages of ten and fourteen. The teams will participate in a competition similar to FVC, with the increase of engineering awareness as the primary objective. The teams should consist of no more than fifteen members, with a maximum of two student mentors and two adult mentors. The competition itself will focus on the challenge we have come up with, but in the spirit of FIRST, there will be numerous awards, from team spirit, to teamwork, to unique design feature, to best overall team, and so on. Registration is currently $200 with an additional $600 for a starter package, if it is needed. Teams will need a programming kit if they choose not to order a starter package. The starter package will include two Vex Starter Kits, a programming kit, a metals kit, and two gear kits. If financial aid is needed, please contact us, and we will attempt to help as much as possible.
The intent of this thread is to show us (the people organizing said event) how much interest there is, and to provide an opportunity for feedback and suggestions. It will also serve as a Q&A if necessary. Registration forms should be available in about a week. For now, if you are interested in registering or if you would like to contact us for any reason, our email is [email protected]

What a great idea! I’ll check with 1923 and see if this is something we’ll be able to do. Sounds like fun! :slight_smile:

A view of the game field is available here