New Jersey Regional Champions

Team 250 would like to congratulate Teams 103, 381, and 25 for winning the New Jersey Regional. Great job teams!

You have set a high bar for the rest of the regionals to aspire to reach.

yes that alliance was amazing …and robots on it each were brilliant designs my personal favorite was team 25s I loved the speed and way you would get the ball over the overpass…I thought the finalist robots were great designs to and it was pretty even match up at the final.

Congrats from 1279, and thanks again for the help with the IR!

Yeah you guys really rocked the finals. I was pretty sad that we didnt get a chance to go up against you. Congratulations on the win though. Great job 102,25, and 381.

I watched the NJ regional by webcast all day today and yesterday after school let out (it’s blocked at school), and I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of robots and the exciting gameplay I saw. There were some awesome matches, and the winning alliance had some of the most exceptional robots on it. I was cheering you guys on all through the eliminations. Congratulations 103, 25, and 381. 25, we’ll miss playing against you in CT this year.