This is team 354 and 2681 from George Westinghouse High School. We are planning to go to New Jersey regionals and we have already booked ten hotel rooms at The Marriott Trenton at Lafayette Yard in order to get the group rate. Our hotel is the only that is walking distance from the competition. If there is any team out there that is planning to go to New Jersey regional and has yet to book a hotel can you please contact us by Monday, November 17, 2008. We also booked a bus from New York City and we have plenty of free space if anyone is interested.

Contact Number: (718)-757-5526

If you have surface transportation and would like hotel info look for new hotels in the vicinity of Hamilton, NJ. They just built a Hilton Garden Inn or Sheraton right on Rt.1. It has a Fridays adjacent to it and at least 6 restaurants and fast food establishments across the highway from it. You also have a Home Depot and Lowes right there also.

This area is about 12 minutes north of Trenton and the Sovereign Bank Arena

This is my neighborhood and I always thought- what a great place for the teams for the NJ regional…

The Marriot really isn’t in walking distance from the arena. You would have to cross the highway. But, if you plan ahead, you can get the hotel shuttle to drop you off and pick you up from the arena.

Additionally, here’s some of the hotels the NJ Regional Planning Committee suggests:

I can’t think of which highway you’re referring to, but your point is accurate: The Marriott is about 7 or 8 city blocks from the arean - certainly walkable - but the neighborhood is a bit dicey, particularly at night. A large group will be fine, but 2 or 3 kids alone would be worrisome.

This is Olan-ray from the G-house Pirates, we already booked a hotel and need to know if anyone wants to split the rooms with us because our team only takes up about 5 rooms.
P.S. If you book 10 rooms at a time you get a group rate which is half the normal price

Contact us at 1(718)-757-5526
Marriott Trenton at Lafayette Yard Hotel

Wouldn’t 5 rooms at full price equal 10 at half price?? I understand you want to split it with some one but why take the risk of not getting another team to take the extra rooms?

There is no risk they just take the 10 rooms and spread out more

We booked 10 rooms to get the discount price. We can only afford five at THAT DISCOUNTED rate. That’s the deal. We need someone to take the other five off our hands.
Make sense?