New Job, Moving, etc.

I am pleased to say that during field setup at the Perry Meridian District event I received a phone call with a job offer that I intend to accept.

It is with Arvin Sango in Madison, IN. The details are confidential but the job is in engineering (PLCs and the like). I will say that for an entry level job the offer was pretty nice. My favorite part is that I will still be able to volunteer at events to at least some capacity.

The reason I posting this is that I’d like some words of wisdom/encouragement from a FIRST perspective. Where I live now is devoid of FIRST and where I’m moving is only a hair better. There is an FLL team in neighboring Hanover, although FLL isn’t my area of expertise (my mentoring skills are more on the technical side?) Across the Ohio River there used to be FRC team 3272, RAVAGE in Carrolton, KY, however, it looks like they are defunct, their last event being Boilermaker Regional in 2014. One of my former teams is a little ways down the road although for reasons I am not going to post that’s not viable.

I have skills and I’d like to help out, but as an entry level engineer I can’t start a team by myself obviously. What to do?