New Kingston Robotics Lab

Team 7480, the Machine Mavericks, are gearing up for the coming build season in the new Kingston Robotics Lab, a 10,000sqft facility that currently houses 2 FRC teams, 1 FTC team, and 3 FLL Challenge teams.

For more information about the goals of the space, check out this awesome video made by Kingston Drone Pros and Property Perspectives.

In late January, we plan to host an Everybot build for any interested Eastern Ontario teams that would like to participate. If you think you’d like to participate please contact us at [email protected] or through our website


This is absolutely amazing! Congrats to those involved in making this space happen. I see spaces like this being built in the states, haven’t seen many (if any?) done in Canada, let alone Ontario.

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It is really cool that you are able to integrate the various in the facility. I guess this helps them serve as feeders for your FRC program while providing resources in return?

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