New Labview C&C Framework Simple Example

Part of next season’s Labview options will include a new Command and Control framework robot project. This new framework has been mentioned in previous posts here on CD and there are some snapshots posted to an NI discussion forum.

Attached is a very simple example project that uses this new framework. It was used as part of an open house this past December to introduce the new option to some area teams. The example project was used on an arcade drive robot with a “dumper” consisting of a servo motor controlling the dumper door and a limit switch to indicate when the door was closed. This project added the “Dumper” subsystem to the stock robot project along with some example commands and other elements of the implementation.

As per our Beta Test agreement with FIRST, all our code produced during beta testing is being posted for public use. Therefore, this code will not be fully launch-able until the kickoff release.

MARS is happy to answer any questions that will help teams make use of this code…just as we have benefited from the gracious help of others. (491 KB) (491 KB)

i tried to look at this file but it says “LabView: file version is later than the current LabView version”

Looks like you have the newest version of labview. How did you get that?

I would assume as a beta testing team as it says in their post.

4 more days.