New LabVIEW TipJar Tutorial Video: Scalability, Modularity and Style.

I wanted to announce the release of another in our TipJar series of FRC LabVIEW Training videos.

You can find it here:

This Blog entry is the sixth in a series intended primarily for FIRST Robotics Competiton (FRC) teams and their mentors.

In this blog entry, I discuss how to write scalable, modular code, and also talk a bit about wiring techniques and style:

  • Nesting typedefs
  • Creating reusable SubVIs
  • Wire selection using single-, double-, and triple-clicking
  • Wiring techniques which put the wires where you want them, the first time

And for FRC Team members, mentors, teachers and parents only:

I also wanted to announce in celebration of Competition Kickoff, a LabVIEW training giveaway. We will be randomly selecting 2 winners each week from entries received via this link:

All the best,