New Lego Mindstorms and a FLL One Liner

A look into how the New Mindstorms kit were designed, with a short one liner about FLL keeping Mindstorms 2.0 sales going.

Some Quick Stats:
Mindstorms 2.0 2001: “Two-by-four” Lego blocks
Mindstorms NXT 2006: Technic blocks, aka “studless Legos”

Mindstorms 2.0 2001: 8-bit RCX programmable brick
Mindstorms NXT 2006: 32-bit, iPod-like brick with larger LCD

Mindstorms 2.0 2001: Nonintuitive interface, RCX-code commands, PC only
Mindstorms NXT 2006: Intuitive GUI, drag-and-drop icons, PC and Mac

Mindstorms 2.0 2001: Two touch sensors and one light sensor
Mindstorms NXT 2006: Redesigned touch and light sensors, new sound sensor and ultrasonic sensor

Mindstorms 2.0 2001: Two motors
Mindstorms NXT 2006: Three motors, redesigned for smoother operation

Mindstorms 2.0 2001: Two-wire analog cables
Mindstorms NXT 2006: Six-wire digital cables

Someone has their stats wrong. Macintosh versions of the User Interface have always been available, you just couldn’t buy them at Toys Are Us. In the past, you had to order it from Pitsco/Dacta. My son has been programming the RCX on a Mac for more than 5 years. Two years ago, in his college CompSci class, they required an RCX for the course – you could rent one from the college lab supply, or you could provide your own. Needless to say, I lost a toy for a semester.

Does anyone know when it became fashionable for journalists to NOT research their stories thoroughly? :rolleyes:

The Wall Streey Journal does.