New Line Sensor Problems

We recently rewired our circuit board to fit on this years robot. However, now when we wire our light sensors to our robots circuit board, the green light is always on. We have wired the power wires and the white signal wires. Before we rewired it, the orange light would turn on if it sensed a line. Did I just not wire something or do I have to make it work with code?

As per this document: (the paper packaged with the line sensor) the green LED just means that the sensor is on, so there isn’t really any problem is there?

Thats what I would like to think. However, when I had it wired on the first board before we redid it, the orange light would turn on if it sensed something darker such as the line. I was simply wondering why the orange light won’t turn on now.

We do not have code written for this yet but it worked fine without it the first time.

The orange light isn’t actually the “signal/no signal” light, that’s the yellow light (generally blocked from view by the adjustment knob). What the orange light does is tell you that the signal it is receiving is very powerful, at least 2.5x as powerful as strictly necessary to trip the sensor.

Having the green light on at all times, however, is still concerning. When the output is active (i.e. the yellow light is on), the green light should turn off since one of the conditions for the light to turn off is “output active”. I would double check your wiring and make sure you’re not making any other errors in wiring (during our testing, we had lights that wouldn’t turn off green until we realized we hadn’t plugged the ribbon cable from the digital sidecar to slot 4 on the cRIO back in :yikes: ).

Hope this helps.

The orange LED is an overcurrent protection indicator. If you were getting it to flash on your old configuration you had a wiring error. With your new wiring it seems you fixed your problem.