New Local Kickoff in SC

Team 342 is proud to announce that Fort Dorchester High School in North Charleston, SC has been approved as an FRC Local Kickoff for the 2020 season.
Please consider joining us for some pre-kickoff workshops or just comparing predictions about 2020’s game.

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Nice! 1293 is planning to bring a Local Kickoff back to Columbia (and specifically, Irmo High), and we have intentions of doing a Quick Build with interested teams (in the “a kitbot that drives” sense, not the Ri3D sense) in the afternoon as well. Both sound like progress. :slight_smile:

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Wow. Options in SC? What is happening?

See you in Columbia.



Lots of things. But in the case of Pandamaniacs, we’re tired of seeing neighbors bring a box on wheels to Myrtle Beach. No guarantees that this eliminates the issue, but seven weeks should be plenty to cut it down to a legal size and make it score points.

(Also, the Irmo High School event is now on the FIRST website.)

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