New Local Kickoff in SC

Team 342 is proud to announce that Fort Dorchester High School in North Charleston, SC has been approved as an FRC Local Kickoff for the 2020 season.
Please consider joining us for some pre-kickoff workshops or just comparing predictions about 2020’s game.


Nice! 1293 is planning to bring a Local Kickoff back to Columbia (and specifically, Irmo High), and we have intentions of doing a Quick Build with interested teams (in the “a kitbot that drives” sense, not the Ri3D sense) in the afternoon as well. Both sound like progress. :slight_smile:


Wow. Options in SC? What is happening?

See you in Columbia.



Lots of things. But in the case of Pandamaniacs, we’re tired of seeing neighbors bring a box on wheels to Myrtle Beach. No guarantees that this eliminates the issue, but seven weeks should be plenty to cut it down to a legal size and make it score points.

(Also, the Irmo High School event is now on the FIRST website.)

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The future of SC looks promising. Changing to a district model should alleviate some of the financial woes of traveling to other states (non-adjacent states) for regionals. Although, I will miss working with teams from Alabama - we’ve made a few good friends there.
As for a box on wheels, nothing beats one of the B-Team robots at SCRIW in 2018. I think it was a literally a box with bumpers.

But did it have a beach chair?


There was also the power cube they let on field during the mentor match
That was my favorite

No, but that would have at least made it interesting!

We considered picking it up and placing it on the scale.

I know i did lol

We joked about it behind the scoring table as well.

Though you’d better put some respect on boxes with bumpers. One was the #1 seed at SCRIW IV.

Also, I sent the nudge to the five teams who registered day 1 for the Columbia Kickoff and I’ll post it here since CD people are generally about that life: Please, reach out to the local teams near you so they know about the Quick Build after kit distribution in time to make travel plans. :slight_smile:


It was literally a power cube with bumpers.

We legitimately considered lifting it up with our intake and bringing it up with us for endgame for the RP bonus.

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We considered the same thing, but were fearful that it would damage our forks.

I also just registered a kickoff in Fort Mill with a RQB up the road at our Charlotte facility. Tell your friends!

simply throwing up a comment to bring this thread to the front page. hopefully some sc teams see this. we currently have 6 teams registered and need 15 to have KOP’s delivered here. reminder your whole team doesnt have to attend. its also an opportunity to just have a location closer by so you dont have to drive as far to pick up your KOP. Head mentors can sign up on their team dashboard on the FIRST website

Not sure the teams you’ll need to reach will be on Chief Delphi since I haven’t seen them post often. Do you have a targeted list of teams you think would want to come based on the travel distance and have you been able to contact them via email or phone?

Oh yes we’ve emailed most of them
Sometimes people miss emails though
The more exposure there is the better though

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