New location for Inventor Kit of Parts

If you are looking for the 2011 to 2013 Kit of Parts they are located on the new FIRST page on the Autodesk Education Community FIRST Robotics page at,

Scroll down to Additional Resources to find the download links.

Not sure if there’s anything in the 2011 kit that’s not in the others, but I get an error trying to unzip the archive. I’ve tried on both Windows and Mac machines and different unzip tools.

Same, also the fact that it is only 4.4 MB is a bit suspicious when 2012 is over 200 MB

Let me check with the web folks and see if they can resolve the issue.

I just checked the file I sent to them and it is 62 MB.

If you need it immediately I can post it on Autodesk 360, Dropbox, etc.