New Member Question - 2013 Festo Solenoid

Hey all, I just joined FRC this year and I have a question about pneumatics. Thanks for your time!

How do you wire the Festo Solenoid? Also, would it be possible to wire the Festo without any code?

What code do you use and how do you code for the Festo Solenoid?

Any other information about the Festo Solenoid that might be helpful? Outside references would be great, this is all I was able to find, and it hasn’t been very helpful. That is the Solenoid in question however.

Again, thanks guys and gals!

Here’s a picture of the wiring:

You will need code to work the solenoid, but if you are programming in LabVIEW there is a complete example program that will run a compressor and solenoid you can test with, without knowing much about code. From the Getting Started window go to Support -> Find FRC Examples… then look in the pneumatics folder.

You will need a solenoid module and solenoid breakout for your cRIO.
Power from the unused terminals on the 24v connector on the Power Distribution Panel get wired to the solenoid breakout to power the 24v Festo solenoid (the white connector in the picture below).

When assembling the fittings make sure to tighten them with an M7 (I think) metric allen wrench:

Thanks a lot! That’s really helpful! Good luck this year.