New mentor looking for Boston FRC team

Howdy. I’m Daniel and I recently moved to Boston for work, so I’m looking for an FRC team to mentor.

I work as a programmer (both control systems and whatever else needs doing - it’s a startup). I did FRC in high school, but only as a scout, so unfortunately I’ve never had hands-on build or programming FRC experience. However, I did work on a control systems-related project team in college, and I majored in computer science and minored in mechanical engineering (including a semester of machine shop).

So bottom line is I can mentor programming and might be able to muddle along in other disciplines. I was an undergrad TA for seven semesters and I love explaining concepts and teaching stuff. I graduated college in 2020.

My motivation for mentoring is first that I love teaching and explaining, as I said, and second that I would like to move into more technical volunteer roles that require team experience. I’ve been on the field reset/supervisor side for four years (primarily at the NYC regional) and while I intend to keep doing that, it would be nice to diversify a bit.

I don’t have a car, but am quite tolerant of long train/bus commutes. My workplace is on the Fitchburg commuter rail line and I live on the Red Line (& near the Green Line), so anything near those would be slightly preferred. Cambridge would be optimal. I would be swinging by after work some/most weekdays (let’s say arriving at 5-6 PM, maybe 4 sometimes but not every time) as well as on the weekends.

I would be equally open to both newer teams and experienced teams, but I can understand why experienced teams would be more comfortable with a new mentor like myself. I would prefer a team that needs a mentor more, so to speak, but maybe I should wait until I’ve worked with an experienced team for a year or two so that I’d give less bad advice.

I’ve reached out to NEFIRST and got a response, but I figured it can’t hurt to see what’s on this forum as well. I’d rather start out with a team sooner rather than later, as I need some training myself (haha) and joining closer to kickoff would make me less effective.

Please contact me on this post or via ChiefDelphi PM (& remember to flag for the mods if you need to per YPP policy!) - would be helpful if you included what times team meetings are during the week, because I’m mildly transit-limited. Please feel free to share this post with anyone who you think might be interested.

Thank you for reading!


Hi Daniel, I am Elliot, a senior on team 2877 the LigerBots. We are in Newton and we would love to have you and at the same time we are farther out out than a lot of other teams in the Boston area. I would check out it is great for getting general locations of teams.


Cambridge would put you with 97. The Green Line gets you to 246, or 3958 if you can tolerate going all the way to end end. Any of them I think would greatly appreciate someone with your experience. (It also helps that I was on one of them).


Thanks everyone for replying! That FRC map is super cool, thanks for sharing. I’ve gotten a few responses and will be sorting through them soon.

Following this thread, since I’ll very likely be moving to Boston next year!