New Midwest Fantasy First Signups! [MFFL]


Welcome to the new Midwest Fantasy First League! I thought I would try this out in the off-season just to get a feel for next year.

In tiers of eight (depending on signups) will draft Fantasy teams from the Midwest area, and will also have the playoffs at the Detroit championship.

Unlike other Fantasy First games players will go head to head every week to determine rankings.

If you want to try it out fill out the pole below!

  • I will compete
  • I will join later
  • I will sit out this time

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Thank you, very cool


no u


No w

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Sorry on the delay, had to do something


Here is the off-season event schedule:

Gitchi Gummi Get-Together 2019: July 19-20
Rock River Offseason Competition: July 27
Cow town Throw down: Nov 1-2

Draft dates and schedule will be coming soon.


Alright tier 1 is set!


If you still want to join you can be a backup, or if we get at least four people we can have a second tier.


@jackTHEnerd excited to try a new fantasy format, will scoring be the same as SLFF? And how will drafts work / where will they run?

Also, if we’re playing in off-season can you give us a list of events we’ll be drafting in each week?

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This is the three events we’ll be doing this offseason, still working out some of the other details. I’ll get y’all’s more stuff by tonight.

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So what days would be drafting or TBD?


TBD at the moment


Ok, that works I guess. Just not entirely sure how the per-week drafts will work out without multiple events in the same week. Also seems like a kind of weird definition of ‘midwest.’ :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that the first two are just on consecutive weeks.

The events I was planning on having wet events in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. I was considering Indiana, but since it’s districts I’m not sure how that would work.


Also I can’t find the scoring for SLFF, does anyone know how their scoring works?

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Alright the rules for the offseason are here, if you have questions feel free to ask.

2019 Midwest Fantasy FIRST League Official Rules

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Couple of questions on scoring.

For the qf / sf / f / w points, do those stack or do teams only earn the points corresponding to the highest level they met?

For cargo / hatch points are those awarded for each match based on the total of the alliance? Do these apply in elims in addition to quals?


For the highest level they met

Cargo and hatch points are awarded by their the scores on TBA.

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Alright everybody we are actually going to have an event this weekend, sorry for the short notice didn’t see the event schedule for this week. We’ll be drafting for the Missouri State FRC championship starting this afternoon at 3:00 central time. Thread will be up soon. Here is draft order.