New MN Off-Season Competition - EMCC!

Registration is now open for the first ever EMCC (East Metro Collaborative Competition). This will be an exciting robotics off-season competition hosted by the ERRORs (3130), Data Bits (3883), The Fighting Calculators (2175), and Royal-T-Wrecks (3206). This will be an excellent event for any team to use as a recruitment event for new members as well as a way to kick off the upcoming season for returning team members. The event will be held at East Ridge High School in Woodbury, MN on September 16, 2017. Register online at Teams registering prior to June 30th will receive 40 free beverage tickets.

With the Gitchi Gummi in August, EMCC in September, MRI in October, and the Minne Mini in November, Minnesota now has quite the selection of off-season events. I wonder if any teams will attend them all…

how many slots are open?

We are hoping to attend both EMCC and MRI! See you there!

Since this is our first year, we are looking to cap at 30 teams max. If we do not reach the maximum, we would be open to teams bringing a second robot if they wanted.

Awesome! We are looking forward to it.

Any detail you can share on the field setup? Regulation Field, FMS, FTAs?

Will there be any rule changes?

I’m not part of the group planning it, but I would assume we’ll have the same field that all of the other MN off-seasons use (Minne Mini, MRI, Gitchi Gummi, and States), which is a forward deployed field from FIRST.

4607 will attend at least three of the four; not sure about Gitchi Gummi though.

We had a team meeting last night to unpack from champs and have a retrospective on the season, and the off-season events came up. We probably had the most interest from the team for Gitchi Gummi out of all of them - the 4 students we took up to it last year had a blast! You guys should definitely consider it :slight_smile:

Yep. We’ll have a full-size field and an FTA. It will be the field that MN First lets the off-season events around MN use.

We will likely change a few rules, but as of right now we haven’t fully discussed them. I will post more about rule changes once we all figure them out.

Exciting! Maybe look at the Indiana Robotics Invitational or other more established offseason events for inspiration.

Sorry…forgot to mention that we will have a FIRST field and FMS. I think I left out the part about the FMS.

We are registered for all but the Minne Mini.

Are you guys looking for volunteers? Would love to come up and help out :slight_smile:

We love volunteers. PM me or send a message to emailEMCC <at> with anything that you would be interested. Thanks!

Looks like Team 3082, Chicken Bot Pie, will be attending. We are looking forward to it!

When will a list of attending teams be released?