New Model Posted - 2004 Robot Controller

I just posted a newer model for the Robot Controller in the FirstCadLibrary . I know that the 2005-2006 RC has different battery terminals. Our 2005 RC is not accessible to me right now so I’ll post an update after kickoff.

This one is otherwise dimensionally correct and it gave me a chance to play with the “Decal Feature”.

Enjoy …


Is their some trick to getting into the site. I haven’t been able to get into it for months.


It works for me…

Got a fairly new browser? It uses frames, big time. That’s my only guess as to why it doesn’t work.


I haven’t changed the page formatting in years and I haven’t been getting complaints about access. What browser are you using (& version)?

I need a little verification help.

I’m using INVENTOR 6 now and would like to verify that the IGES, ACIS(SAT), and STEP files import into other CAD platforms.

Could a few of you import the 2004 RC into PRO E, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, etc and verify that things work out.

Thanks in advance.

The INV package looks quite nice in Inventor 7, and appears to work without issue.

In Pro/E 2001 Student Edition, the IGES package doesn’t work (looks like only curves are displayed; all solids and planes don’t exist), either as a converted part or assembly. The SAT package won’t load at all (except for the co-ordinate system), again in both part and assembly modes. The STEP package works as usual in assembly mode (with some loss of incidental detail, like some colours, and the decals), but does not function as a single part (solids are out of position and overlapping, colour is all gone). I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed this, but the STEP files, when imported as assemblies, always create a nested assembly; the outer assembly contains a co-ordinate system and the inner assembly, and the inner assembly contains the individual parts. It’s not really a problem, just a curiosity. All of the above is pretty much par for the course for importing into this version of Pro/E; I almost exclusively use STEP files imported as assemblies, because they seem the most interoperable.

Also, which version of the STEP standard are you outputting to? I think it’s 214, but I’m not sure; I have had some issues with version 203 STEP files, but I’m not sure if it was the very complex geometry that I was trying to get from Inventor, or the format itself being unrecognized by this extremely out-of-date copy of Pro/E.

Aside: Pro/E 2001 Student Edition is a very early release (datecode) of the 2001 version; it’s full of bugs and missing numerous improvements that have been made over the last 5 years. It’s not surprising at all that it can’t understand many of the file formats. It even crashes on .dxf processing.


STEP file works in SolidWorks 2005 Pro, but decals and some colors don’t follow through.

SAT/ACIS file also works in SolidWorks, but decals and no colors come with, it’s just a big grey shaded block in the shape of a Robot Controller (nice modeling quality by the way Ed, good detail level, keep it up!) and also it nearly caused a system crash, it’s a harsh import.

IGES import is the fastest for me and is the exact same result of the STEP file import.

Thanks for this Ed

On this laptop I’m using IE Version 6.0.2900.2180… I’m not sure of the version on my desktop upstairs but I suspect it’s similar and I can’t get to it there either. This is running XP Home and the desktop has XP Pro. Both SP2.

I get a “page cannot be displayed” error message along with the caption of “server not found” which, of course, isn’t all that helpful.

i just tested it with the same IE version (6.0.2900.2180) running on XP Home with SP2 and I got on fine…

maybe it’s something with the internet preferances that’s blocking it, but i don’t know why it would give you the “Server nto found” error…odd indeed

I just checked all three desktops with the same result as I get on my laptop. They’re all hardwired to the network. I wonder if it’s something with the firewall in the router. I’ll try to remember to check the club computer next time I’m in the lab. Maybe I’ll be able to slip in for a while tomorrow.

I’ve improved the decal on the 2004 Robot Controller and I’ve released the 2005 Robot Controller (Same model for this year) in the FirstCadLibrary .