New Model Posted - 2005 Breaker Panel

The long awaited Breaker Panel has been posted in the FirstCadLibrary .


I inserted breakers in all positions. If you want to remove breakers, just find the particular breaker (element) under the “Small Breaker” or “Large Breaker” feature and suppress it (right click - suppress). This method allows you to un-suppress the breaker in the future.

Having Fun Yet ? :cool:

Awesome!!! That’ll save me so much time. Thanks so much.

That looks great, Ed! A lot better than my quick and dirty job. But, out of vain curiosity, was any of that mine at one point before you made is so awesome? Or did you do it from scratch?

Either way, I like it better than mine.

I did this from scratch. I’m not trying to make any statement about your (or anyone else’s) work here, I just like to draw parts. I’m even redrawing parts that I’ve already drawn in the past … My wife thinks I have a sickness … I think she might be right. :smiley:

And it’s resistant to antibiotics…

That’s cool. I do the same kind of thing, especially when I don’t know if the person that did it the first time did it the way I would want them to. I was just curious.

We started off last year using 3d autocad. In switching to Inventor, I started trying to import what they had, then got so feed up with inconsistencies and spending time fixing them, I redid it so I knew it would be right. But haven’t had any trouble with your models…yet:D