New motor that mentor wants me to find

My mentor wants me to look for a new motor. He says it is brushless and has 2 cooling ports. I’ve been looking for hours and have not found one. Does anybody know of this motor?


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the kraken x60?
its currently the best brushless motor

The Falcon 500 supports water cooling but I have not seen that done on a kraken.

Uh… I don’t think so. Except in the sense that anything can be water cooled, once.


So this is a joke? I though it was real but it makes more sense now as a joke.

From Product page:

  • Optional cooling port


You’re misunderstanding. The cooling port on Krakens and Falcons is for air, not water.


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What motor is this and where did you find it?

It’s worth understanding where to look. FRC motors tend to be sold by FRC-specific vendors (not necessarily exclusively), and many of the more popular ones are purpose-built for FRC. So at the very least, you should be adding “frc” to your keywords.

You can also get a good start by looking at the game manual. Section 8.5 lists the only legal motors for 2024 robots, so chances are good that the motor you’re looking for is on that list. Depending how “new” the motor is that you’re looking for, it may have been released after the 2024 season, or it may not be released at all yet - if that’s the case, it wouldn’t be listed in the 2024 manual, but chances are good that one of the vendors listed in the manual would also have a listing or information somewhere about it (e.g. AndyMark, CTR, REV, VEX, WCP). (One exception I’m aware of is Thrifty Bot, which wasn’t a vendor of legal 2024 motors but has a motor in development.)

Based on your description, though, I agree it’s probably the Kraken or Falcon that you’re looking for.

“best” is a bit subjective. There are many ways you could rank motors. I’m guessing you were thinking of power output here, but there are plenty of other things teams could consider (cost, weight, free speed, etc.) depending on the application.


No longer sold :frowning:

Partly due to various legal issues…

But they were unobtanium as it was unless you had a lighting-fast mouse finger.

This fits exactly how he described it so while it is off sale I tuink that this it it. Thanks mate.

The Kraken X60 is new this year, currently sold, and has the same sized cooling ports on the side. We used them this year to cool the motors down with a shop air compressor during shooter tuning since we’d hit the thermal limit with enough continuous running.

Kraken X60 powered by Talon FX

You can see the two button head bolts on the side. These are just plugs to stop dust/debris from getting in the motor if you’re not using the cooling ports. You would replace these with a 10-32 air fitting to blow air through the motor, same as the Falcon. The push-to-connect tube ports are not built into either motor.


Power output, reliability, controllability.

Not the lowest cost, size, or weight.


You’re not gonna be able to get a falcon. They are extremely hard to get now, and so you are way better off getting a Kraken if you want to air cool your motors. Afaik there hasn’t been stock of falcons from Vex/CTRE since last year, so you’re gonna be trying to trade someone for them, and few people want to let them go, and fewer yet for MSRP.

I’ll go a bit stronger: Consider Falcons discontinued and the Vex/CTRE partnership broken. Krakens are similar motors from CTRE’s current partnership with West Coast Products, a more reliable supplier.


Andy Mark once ran a CIM underwater for days. You will have more drag in the rotor spinning it in water. Other than that no big issues if you are using de-ionized water and don’t get it contaminated. You might have an issue during inspection…


So many people forget that pure water is a TERRIBLE electrical conductor. Water only conducts if it has contaminating ions in it. That said it likely will promote corrosion much faster…


I am confident in saying my robot just contains a VERY humid environment. No rule regulating that XD.