New NASA Stennis S.C. First Robotics Coordinator

Hello Robotics Coaches!

I have had the privilege of serving as the NASA Stennis Space Center FIRST Robotics Coordinator for the past nine years. Working with FIRST, the coaches, and the amazing students has been one of the highlights of my NASA career so far. There is little that could entice me to leave SSC and robotics, but I have the opportunity to move closer to my family. I will be working for NASA at Marshall Space Flight Center in Hunstville, AL, starting this week.

Chris Copelan will assume my duties as the FIRST Coordinator, effective immediately. Chris, as most of you know from his emcee duties at Bayou, is passionate about FRC and will continue NASA Stennis’s active role in robotics. Chris is a former teacher of mathematics and physics, holds a MS degree in mathematics, and is currently working on his EdS. Chris has been active in FLL and FRC for almost 10 years.

To each coach and mentor, thank you so much for your dedication and service! It is inspiring to see the students’ successes, all as a result of your effort. Although, my role is changing, I am still a huge supporter of FIRST and our MS/LA teams. I am available at my same email address and will gladly help any team in any way I can. I hope to see everyone at future robotics events.

Katie Wallace

First - my sincere thanks to Katie for all that she has done for teams here in the Bayou Regional. Kickoff is always top notch and I know that we here at 3337 always feel supported by Stennis.

Second - Chris Copeland - I don’t think there are words to express how much he deserves this position. Congrats Chris. There is no one else I can imagine doing a better job than you will do.

Congrats to Katie and Chris! Katie we will all miss you very much and hope to see you again soon. You inspired so many with your dedication and effort. Thank you! :slight_smile:

MJ Miller


You will be dearly missed. You have done so much for not only me, but for Team Fusion and all of the other teams around this area. You have been a great friend and will continue to be a friend for many years to come. Come by anytime you’re in town.


I’ve known you for a while and I believe we have another keeper for the position. It’s great to have you as the new NASA SSC FIRST Robotics’s Coordinator. Congratulations!

-Ryan Nazaretian