New Northern Ontario FRC Regional!

FIRST Team 1305, The Near North Student Robotics Initiative, Ice Cubed in conjunction with Nipissing University and the City of North Bay are pleased to announce that North Bay, ON will host a FIRST Robotics Competition Regional this March!

Nipissing University will be hosting the event for either Week 1 or Week 5 (dates to come).

More information will be shared as it becomes available.

Check out a few local new articles here:

Cool! Do you guys need a mobile machine shop? It would be cool to add a 3rd regional to are line up.

As a former member of team 1305, I never dreamed North Bay would host a regional event when I joined in 2007. Coming back to mentor and seeing how far things have come is extremely exciting. I know 1305 and the city of North Bay can’t wait to welcome teams to our home, and it should be a great event. The rate that FIRST is growing in Canada is staggering.

On the topic of the Machine Shop, I’ll let the organizers know. Planning is in the very early stages at this point (not even a date set yet) but there is a good chance it would come in handy.

It’s about time the folks from the center of the universe had a chance to come and play up your way. :wink: Congratulations! Having a “home town” regional is going to be special.


Curious to know if their will be an explosion of rookies to accompany this new event. Where in the World is FIRST doesn’t show a very dense team population up there. 4152 and 4754 seem to be the closest neighbors to 1305 and then it gets real sparse.

Good luck on the new event.

Where in the World is FIRST appears to be out-of-date. In Northern Ontario, we currently have:

-1305 (Ice Cubed) - North Bay
-1535 (Kinghts of Alloy) - Sault St. Marie (Canada)
-4069 (Lo-Ellen Robotics) - Sudbury
-4152 (Huntsville Hoyas) - Huntsville
-4699 (ESCT-Flammes) - Timmins
-4704 (Gold Diggers) - Timmins
-4732 (SWC Robotikz) - Thunder Bay
-4754 (RoBenedicts) - Sudbury

These eight teams will cite the new Northern Ontario Regional as the closest to their hometown. If we include Timmins teams (who used to have to travel 8 hrs, now only have to travel 4hrs.), we could then include teams from Ottawa, Brampton, Vaughan, Kincardine, Markham, Oshawa, Toronto, Mississauga etc.

And with 4 events in Ontario now, they’ll be less of a chance of competing against the same opponent twice, giving teams tremendous opportunities for winning awards and events.

I myself can’t wait!

Week 1 in North Bay could be interesting from a weather point of view. Checking the climate data against Minneapolis, Calgary & Maine it seems several degrees colder in central Ontario.

I wonder if this would be the first FRC event where the expected daily high temperature is below freezing?

Temperatures in and around freezing are not uncommon at the already existing southern ontario regionals in Mississauga, Waterloo, and Oshawa. There is usually still significant amounts of snow on the ground at Waterloo in week 4.

I would agree with the assessment that there isnt really enough teams in and around North Bay to justify a regional there, BUT at the same time, there were only 2 teams in Calgary this time last year. I would expect a northern explosion of teams in response to this regional. I’m sure NNSRI 1305 is pushing for that.

This gives Canada a total of 6 regionals now (ONNB (i assume will be its event code), ONTO, ONWA, ONTO2, QCMO, and ABCA). That’s enough to keep a field busy for the whole season.

If they host week 5, what happens to ONTO2 (normally a week 5 event, presumably due to venue considerations with the OHL hockey season/playoffs)? It likely couldn’t go to Week 1 or Week 7, and the field that serves Canada would be in use the other weeks. Having two regionals the same weekend in Ontario would seem to be a HUGE mistake. To me, Week 1 is the only sensible option for ONNB, at least until there’s more teams in Ontario (perhaps thanks to a shift to districts that might be coming down the pipe?)

A few things:

In response to the GTR-W comment, there has been rumours that it will be moved out of Mississauga and to another location this year, still within Ontario. If the Northern Ontario Regional took Week 1, the new Regional would take week 5 and vice-versa.

In response to the Districts comment, there has been A LOT of speculation about it. The earliest I’ve heard of Ontario possibly going district is the 2015 FRC Season.

In response to the low number of teams, I know there aren’t a lot in our area. We have about 8 in the area (200 KM away or less) with a few rookie teams looking to start up this year. We’ll be pushing for more teams, but we’re counting on our friends in Southern Ontario and Quebec to make the EVER SO LONG JOURNEY (about 3-4hrs/300-400 KM) up to North Bay to compete at our inaugural event!

I’m especially happy for the two teams in Timmins, ON who, last year, traveled two 16hr round-trips to get to their two Regionals last year. We’ll be cutting their travel time and expenses in half.

After hearing the district rumor as well, as well as many other parts of the US, looks like we have to do a Canada regional soon, before not being able to at all.

Ah, that’s the first I’d heard of that. Truth be told, I’ll be disappointed if it leaves the Hershey Centre. Its been there since the first Canadian Regional back in 2002, and in a hypothetical Ontario district would be the natural choice for the district championship. I realize it costs more than the other Ontario regionals (held on University campuses) but to my knowledge, the cost hasn’t been a big issue for FIRST Robotics Canada.

Yep. A lot of speculation, not much confirmed info, but I recall hearing that HQ has told FIRST Robotics Canada that its up to FIRST Robotics Canada to decide. I too have heard ‘definitely no earlier than 2015 season.’

I’m sure you’ll get several southern Ontario teams up. It will be substantially closer for me than going to QCMO, and only marginally further away than ONWA. You’ll probably see me there, at least on Saturday.

It’ll be interesting to see now if 1114 or 2056 try to sweep all four. With 4 regionals within 4 hours drive occurring on different weeks, without an international border to cross, it seems ever more likely they might try.

From what I understand, the biggest challenge is spending that much time out of school, and burnout, since they also do Championship. With the dawn of districts on the horizon though, the days where a 4 regional win year is even possible may be numbered.

Nope. The first year at Traverse City the temp was -4*F in the morning, and it didn’t get anywhere near the freezing point.

And the Northern Lights/ Lake Superior Regionals had snow all weekend long this year in Duluth.

I think 1114 and 2056 might be amongst the first to point out that they might actually be considered underdogs when going up against the reigning world champions… :slight_smile:

Darn, but there are a LOT of GOOD teams in Ontario.


Reported vanesavis

I’m fully aware 610 and 1241 are reigning world champions. This would still get me nowhere close to EVER calling 2056 an underdog, especially at the regional level. 2056 has played in 17 regionals, and brought home 17 regional wins, 2 WFFAs, 1 RCA and 1 EI. 1114 carries a similarly impressive pedigree.

Neither 610, nor 1241 have historically been able to hold a candle to 1114/2056 in any sort of a consistent fashion. Both have shown moments of brilliance, and are firmly planted at the top of Canada’s second tier, but have not been able to show the consistent early season excellence required to win regionals in Ontario. Both 610 and 1241 are great at adapting as the game progresses to improve their machines and strategies as Championship gets closer. Even then, 1114 and 2056 are generally much more consistent.

Indeed, the two matches they eliminated 1114/4039/118 with at Championship were decided by a smaller margin than 1114’s failed 30 pt climb. 1114’s climber failed at the worst possible time, and 610 and 1241 were able to capitalize and parlay that into a Championship win. It truly is as Karthik and many others have said. The biggest component of winning championships is getting a little bit of good luck when you’re well positioned to take advantage of it. Baracus was specifically designed to be 1st pick in its Championship division, by being a stellar climber. That part of 1114’s plan played out perfectly. Then Baracus failed to complete even one 30 pt climb during eliminations thanks to some poorly timed bad luck.

All four teams are able to win events given the appropriate infusion of luck at the right time. Several occasions have come about over the past few years where 2056’s streak would have been broken were it not for some well-timed luck.

By nearly every metric I can think of, Ontario is one of the top 3 regions in FRC. Michigan is the only other region similarly strong across the board.

Very well put but I think Jason was kidding.

For those who have little knowledge of North Bay or just think North Bay maybe doesn’t have the industry to support such a Regional, check out this promotional video developed by the City of North Bay:

It gives a really great overview of the some of the great things North Bay has done and is continuing to do to advance technology and contribute to dozens of industries.

An official name and date will be coming soon, so stay tuned!


Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I didn’t mean it would be the first event when the actual temperature was below freezing, that’s not so unusual.

I meant that it may be the first event where the climatological data suggest that the daily high is expected to be below freezing. From, Traverse City has a typical daily high of 34F at the start of March rising to a balmy 46F at the end of the month.
In contrast North Bay doesn’t see average high temperatures reach freezing until the second half of March.

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4704 is now Northern Lights Robotics