New Online Resource for CAD Tutorials

Not sure if everyone already knows about this but I thought I would share it for teams who don’t have a resource to learn how to use CAD. offers tutorials on how to use solidworks, mastercam, autodesk and other pieces of engineering software.

I cannot speak to the quality of the tutorials as I have not looked at them yet but FRC teams can request a free license to access their website. I believe it is only 1 license per team. The link for FRC specific teams to apply is

Our team just submitted our information and we are waiting to receive our license and get our new students trained!

Thanks for the info. Checked out a couple of their videos on youtube. Seems worth it if we can get one subscription free and use it during meetings.

Thanks BCampbell for the link and info. I’m trying to start CAD & 3D printing training for our team build season and this will help tremendously.

great, thanks for posting the link. I’m going to have my team check this out. Hopefully it provides a great resource as we are concentrating on CAD much more than what the team has in previous years