New PC can't connect to robot

Our team was donated some new PC’s and I have a hard time making them connect with the robot.
The robot is directly connected c-RIO to PC via an ethernet cable.
The IP is right ( and I can ping the c-RIO ( successfully , but I can’t see the communication light on the DS.
How can I fix it?
*Our laptop can connect to the same robot with the same settings.

Check to see that the firewall is turned off.

Greg McKaskle

Thaks, that was it!
We had a symantec anti-virus which came with the PC’s and took control over the firewall,
I uninstalled it and it now works. :slight_smile:


I am Chetan Savade from Symantec Technical Support Team.

By default if SEP is installed it take over Windows firewall. But by doing uninstall of SEP your system may vulnerable to an attacks. I would request either make necessary exception into the SEP firewall or install other features of SEP except firewall & use windows firewall.

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The program came already installed on the PC and was connected to the servers of the company that donated them to us, so we couldn’t change the settings ourselves.

From experience, I know some Anti-Virus/Firewall programs don’t like the FRC software. You can usually add exceptions or put the software into an open mode/game mode rather than quitting the software. I had to do this with Comodo.

The Microsoft Security Essentials is a good middle of the road program that’ll keep the computer safe, it’s free and doesn’t butt heads with the Driver’s Station Software.

Have you made sure your DNS/IPV4 settings are right? It has happened at least 20 times in our team where the internet settings would randomly change and cause the robot to not connect.
The DS always works on my computer. However, I don’t have an anti-virus (I don’t actually even use Windows outside of robotics).
Maybe it is your antivirus. I think our team’s Windowputers :stuck_out_tongue: have Symantec software installed and have no problem with the DS!

If possible, just replace Symantec with Security Essentials, or even better, switch from Symantec firewall to Windows Defender. You’ll get the AV of Symantec, but firewall of Microsoft, which is semi-permeable :wink:

Both an old windows 7 with antivirus works fine with old controls 2014
Fails to connect to roborio even with usb until firewall is turned off
Same is true with new windows 8.1 computer. This also messed with formatting and imaging. I had to completely disable everything to get it to work.

Does anyone have a correct set of methods for making exceptions for the firewall in Norton so that the drivers station can be protected and still run?

Dave Lead Mentor and AKA WZ8T
Lowell Red Arrow Robotics Team 3234

  1. Uninstall all antivirus and third-party firewall programs.
  2. Turn off the Windows firewall.
  3. Never connect the Driver Station computer to the Internet.

That’s our strategy.