New pdp to power old control system?

My team is putting together a prototype drivetrain and we’re using the old CRio, sidecar, etc. but we want to power it with the new PDP, will the PDP or voltage regulator module provide the power that we need or do we have to find an old power distribution board?

The new PDP would work for your normal motor controller and power distribution needs.
The only issue is how to power the cRIO which used the special 24v output from the old PDB.

Depending on which cRIO you are using that may not be much of a problem to overcome.
The 4-slot cRIOs can take voltage down to 9v, so a regulated 12v from the Voltage Regulator Module or other converter can be used to power it.

The older 8-slot cRIO requires 24v though, so the old PDB with it’s 24v regulated output would be a better choice for that particular model.