new place to build ..

team 1557 may or may not have a place to build next season as the church we were at wants to use the space for their youth group so we are looking for a new home unless the church lets us use it again

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Welcome to our world. FRC 662, Rocky Mountain Robotics, has not built in the same location twice in eight years. We are a multiple high school team and get support from our district headquarters, but this means that individual high schools do not feel obligated to find space for us. In the past we have built in a mentors garage, an empty office building, and an empty store at a mall. More recently the school district has been more helpful and we have built in an empty portable classroom, a middle school classroom, and this year we used an empty classroom in new high school. We expect that next year the high school will have full enrollment, and we will be looking for a new build location. We hope to find out before school is out if we have to move again. Then we might spend the summer and possibly the fall looking for a place to build for next year.

I actually congratulate you for keeping the robotics team running for so long with such constant changes! On the bright side, every year is a good story to tell incoming freshmen. Your students, mentors, teachers and parents must be incredibly dedicated. :slight_smile:

Try asking sponsors if they have empty rooms or the suchlike. The use of machinery and a place to store tools will go a long way towards keeping the team together and going. And then there’s always the option of borrowing someone’s basement/garage!

We have a small room off of the teacher office area in our school to store the robot, tools and parts, but it’s not really a good working environment, and we don’t usually do anything more than tighten bolts in there. Neither the team nor the school own any machining tools, but even if they did, they wouldn’t fit in the room (nor would it be possible to get them in there). We usually build things in the machine shops of sponsors instead.

When they called off after-school activities last year for snow during the build season, we moved our base of operations to my basement. It was very nice to just be able to walk downstairs and work on the robot, then walk back upstairs for food. Plus, I wasn’t constantly bothered by my parents to come home.

our team has been moving arouns to we have had about 4 different locations since the tem started in 04