New Plugins Installed

I’ve installed a few plugins:

Custom User Titles – My first stab at writing a Discourse plugin. This allows you to set your custom title next to your username. **You will need to go into your profile and fill out ‘Custom User Title’ field. Let me know if you notice any issues. It is also available on GitHub if you know Ruby/Ember and feel like improving it.

Who’s Online – This plugin shows a list of currently active users on the forum on the main page, and also on your avatar. You can control the display of your presence in this list in your profile.


Cake Day – A cake icon will be placed next to your name on your birthday, if you set it in your profile. I believe it also shows on your forum join date anniversary. There is also a public list (cakeday) in the menu up top right.

Tooltips – This will show a preview if you hover a topic in the list, similar to what we had in vBulletin. This doesn’t seem to be working, investigating that now.


User titles appear to duplicate when you set them in your user profile. Above is the one imported from vBulletin, and below is the new one I just set.

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Should be good now.

Tooltips also appear to be working now as well.

Hmm … I’m not seeing it. Can you post a screenshot of what you see?

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Working for me too

@Brandon_Martus You should start a new record of the most users online at once.


Agreed, what was the record on the old site again? ~2k for a Kickoff one year?

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According to the last pre-migration snapshot:

Most users ever online was 7,471, 01-06-2016 at 11:24 AM.

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Where exactly is the setting to toggle your presences in these lists? I’m struggling to find it.

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Interface menu, in the bottom of the check boxes, at least for me. Same place as the dark mode settings but farther down.
Edit: Can you see me now?

That didn’t seem to work. It hid my profile card (not what I wanted) but kept showing me as online.

Wait, does this mean we might still get cakeday emails?

Judge me all you want but I’ve gotten rather accustomed to those emails.

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I still showed as online, too, I think–but I couldn’t tell. Old CD used a red if you were in “invisible” mode, instead of a green. Not sure what Discourse does. Are you currently tagged for not showing? If so you’re right and I’ll keep looking.

Yeah, I checked in an incognito window, and I was still showing as online (green circle and in the list on the main page), despite having toggled the setting you pointed me towards.

It took some time for my green circle to go away, but it seems to be behaving as expected now.

What about team number next to username? Would love to have that back.

I’m also not seeing tooltips.

Tooltips are working on both desktops I tried it on, but not my laptop (from where I wrote the original post)