New predictions

Any one have new predictions for the winning team, or division since there favorite team has been eliminated?

Mine is team 292 from Newton, changed from 45 on Galileo.

I’ll agree with you on 292. Of course, I’m kind of partial being an alumni. 292 proves that you don’t need a single engineer on the team to be successful in FIRST.

Good luck and congratulations to everyone in the final four.

292 because 378’s in it :slight_smile:

Yea, I’m definitly going for the alliance that 378 is on.

near start of semifinals:
kristen: Im going for archimede

kristen, you really aren’t making a legit prediction if you change it halfway through the semifinals.

LOL, yan… you really like attacking me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going for the archimedes division, but I think that 378 will win.

Yes, there is a difference :slight_smile:

looks like your 378 prediction was wrong any-way.
im rooting for our fellow motorola team: