New Product - Competition Robot Parts

Over the course of the summer we will be announcing a lot of great products as they are in stock and ready to ship. The first of the 2021 CRP products:

CAN Extension Cables!

These cables are 3ft long with 1 male and 1 female 3-pin connector on each end. They are compatible with the connectors on the CAN Victor, Talon, and Spark MAX as well as others.

The cables can also be cut and stripped to make a pigtail to attach to the PDP or roborio.

Sold in packs of 5.


Is there a reason they have 3 pin connectors instead of two?


50% more performance, obviously :wink:

(They’re compatible with CTRE’s standard 3-pin-wide headers on VictorSPX & Falcon500)


i think based off of how the physical talon pwm support works this makes it such that you can’t sent 5V back down the wrong wire and frying a poor innocent little roboRIO.

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besides, pines are SUPER easy to move, replace, and remove to fit your needs

This is correct. They are also compatible with the connectors on the REV Spark Max controllers.


Any chance of also offering “Y” cables for CAN wiring? Occasionally, we chose to run a branch circuit for applications like CAN devices on an elevator or a turret where running the loop through a long wire snake and back is less than ideal. We are currently using standard servo PWM “Y” cables for this. I have seen other teams using “T” connectors. Both of which work, but having pre-made “Y” cables using the Yellow/Green CAN convention would certainly be cleaner and more professional looking.


That is somewhat dangerous though. Even though I imagine you know that only one of the bus ends after the split should be terminated and the other needs to be under 1ft long, your average team buying the Y cable probably doesn’t know that. And if they mess it up they can see some really weird CAN behavior that will be hard to diagnose.

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Would be nice if CAN cables like this had some sort of locking mechanism to make them stay connected.

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VEX and (I’m 99% sure) REV have included such clips in the Kickoff kit in recent years.

(But since we have Talon SRXs without terminals, we just strip everything and use lever nuts.)

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I’m a huge fan of Molex SL connectors for that reason. They’re locking, but also completely compatible with normal 0.1" pitch connectors.


Would this suit your needs?


One is included with the SPARK MAX for retention purposes.
If you happen to need extras they are sold separately as well:


To expand a bit on this, in the case of an elevator or turret, the cleaner method for both wiring and CAN signal integrity would be to remove the terminating resistor from the PDP, and instead end the CAN chain at the end of the elevator. You keep everything as a single chain, that way you satisfy both the CAN specification, and neat/simpler wiring.

Maybe in addition to the CAN extension cable, a simple terminator that plugs in easily to a 3-pin dupont could be offered :slight_smile:


Sweet, didn’t know these existed. Will check them out

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for when your CAN bus needs more parity.

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Down with PWM connectors! Up with lever nuts!

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we laser weld our CAN bus.

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