New Product Releases - Is there a standard schedule

Is there some sort of schedule of new product releases by vendors for FRC products or are they random? We’re trying to plan our exploration of brushless motors and controllers.

There is no “standard schedule”, but (based on general recollection, not tracking) there are usually more releases in the November-December time frame than other times of year, as well as the “game specific” releases which happen during build season. Most of the companies which do a large percentage of their business with FRC teams also have a summer and/or early fall release. There is also the slower steady stream of releases throughout the year; AndyMark in particular releases many products (especially new and upgraded versions of existing lines) as they are ready, independent of the build/competition cycle. The slowest time of year for releases is usually April through June.

This is a topic in FIRST which really bugs me because you have a bunch of product releases right before build and most of the time there’s no time to experiment with them.


I’d really like April releases so we can have our school district buy it in time for January.


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