I am getting into programming this summer. I need to know where to get resources on how to program and how to get everything I need to be able to program the robot. I’m a beginner, the closest I have gotten to programming is working with HTML for web design.

Look at all the sticky threads in the programming section. They have more than sufficient information to get you started. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask for more help.

You can delete this whole thread, If you post in the general forum everyone will be able to see it and read it, one post is all you will need.

Welcome to Chief Delphi!

Welcome to Chief Delphi!

I am not a programmer, but I think I can get you pointed in the right direction until one stumbles in here.

You can find a great thread about getting started with programming here

There are also a few good Programming White Papers geared towards beginners:
Introduction to C Programming
Programming Presentation from 2006 Novi kickoff
Intro to Programming
2007 Novi Programming Seminar

The last thing I will leave you with is a recommendation to check out and consider EasyC. A discussion of the pros and cons of EasyC is here

I think that for someone in your position, you may want to start of with easyC Pro (since the original easyC program may be too basic for you).

EasyCPro is just a modular implementation with extension library support for component functionallity, so you should find it easy to program your robot. But you may find this method of programming a bit limiting. :ahh: If that’s the case, then you should go with mpLab. It’s a pretty good tool for someone like you who already knows HTML.

I have used both programs and I prefer mpLab over easyCPro. :smiley: But the choice is up to you.

Anyways, you should definitly try out both programs and see which one you like best.

heres what i did (i just learned how to program a few weeks ago): i learned VB in school , and that really helped me to understand programming concepts. i brought a book home aver the easter weekend on how to program in C++, which is more complex than C. i then looked through the default code supplied by IFI. our school had an OI and RC from 2 years ago, so i took it home to program, plug a joystick into, and just to see what “made it tick”. in C++ to display text, you do “cout<<”, but in C you use"printf()". the RC can give you robot feedback if you plug it into your computer and use the IFI loader. because i didnt have any robot hardware, i just would change the default code (what i could inderstand) and used printf’s to display what would be happening if vidtors were plugged in. this helped me a lot. after 2 days fo this, i had the overall gist of robot programming. for the next 2 days i referenced our robot code from this year as well as the default code, and i wrote my own robot code and tested it out the next tuesday. of course it didn’t work, but our team programmer is teaching me to program, so now i programmed our entire robot the way it was in the competition, except for the steering which i copied, but now i understand how it works.