New Programmer

As far as I know, they’re only called feedback nodes. Changing the direction doesn’t change their functionality. It just makes the code ‘flow’ more smoothly sometimes.

I guess it’s not technically called a feed forward node, but that’s what I have come to call them for reasons that are unclear to me. I think one of our mentors called it that, and it stuck.

But it does go forward…so I think I’m gonna stick to the “feed forward” name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rather than feed forward, how about previous value or delay by one or some name that explains its purpose rather than its appearance.

Greg McKaskle

When I’m teaching it I use Greg’s suggestion and just call it the “previous value”

*How about calling it a Z-1 node?

Just kidding. That doesn’t help new learners.

I like Mark & Greg’s “previous value” moniker. Students seem to understand that phrase immediately, and it’s accurate.

@bvisness: the reason I said “feedforward node” is unfortunate is because feedforward has a completely different meaning in control theory.

“Previous Value” is nice, so I think I’ll try to call it that from now on. (And I was unaware that “feed forward” has another meaning in control theory…sorry about the confusion.)