New Project for Teams

the 706 web team is making a Todo list for teams. The todo will be like CMS with leaders loging in, updating and letting the other members know what has to be done. This seems like a big project so im looking for other teams that would like to help!

If there is already something like this pls tell me

What features would your system have that a standard CMS/web-based project manager wouldn’t have? Could you instead create these as add-on features for an existing CMS?


Google Docs might be the easiest solution. You can have the team leaders edit a spreadsheet, and share that publicly with everyone.

1519 uses a wiki (MediaWiki) to store this kind of information, along with designs, supplier info, award submissions, team history and any other stuff we want to keep around.

You also might want to check out this list of open-source project management tools.

This would create more interest, as more and more teams are using a CMS with each passing year, including Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress. A plug-in would create more interest in your project, since more people would be willing to use an add-on than a full-fledged CMS focusing solely on one task.

Trac could also be used in a way to make a task list (problems are made and solved with a comment about their solution.)

Check out these sites. They might not do exactly what you want, or they might be overkill. Either way, they’ll give you some ideas about how to (or how not to) approach the functionality and design. (free version is very limited, but it still has task management)

As mentioned above, ticket tracking or bug tracking programs could also do the job.

Still, it sounds like a fun project!

One more: