New Q&A Site for Robotics on Stack Exchange

For those who are not famaliar with the Stack Exchange websites:

The Stack Exchange Network is a group of question and answer websites, each covering a specific topic, where questions, answers, and users are subject to a reputation award process. This process allegedly promotes knowledgeable users, best answers, and important questions. wiki ref]

Stack Exchange has a beta site called Area 51 to help bring up new websites. There has been discussion to create a Robotics Stack Exchange site for Q&A about all robotics related questions.

Obviously Chief Delphi is the best Robotics Q&A in the world :slight_smile: , but we should probably help the online community with our vast Robotics knowledge !

Action Steps:

  1. Sign-up as a follower:
  2. Vote for 5 potential questions !
  3. Post a potential robotics question (optional)

The Robotics Q&A site has progressed to the next level. Now they need just users to commit to help answer questions.

Thanks to those who helped move along the process.

Stack Exchange is a great FREE resource to answer complex questions.

Thanks to everyone at CD for signing up !

The Robotics site has made it to a Public Beta:

The site already has a few fundamental robotics questions (i.e. creating an emergency stop for a robot, selecting the proper robotics connector, choosing the right wheel tread) , check it out if you have time.