New Radio (OM5P-AC)

Is the new radio sold out now on AndyMark, or not yet in stock? Either way, is there an estimate for when it will be available? Kickoff?

Amazon is always an option!

No team price though :frowning:

Sold out–because we had them in stock a few weeks ago. I don’t have a new availability date right now (when it’s in the system, it shows on the site).

You can buy the new radio on the open mesh website. It is about 30 dollars more expensive though because you do not get the team price.

I’ve been looking around to see if there was any info about the new radio in the KOP at kickoff. I’ve found some conflicting info. Does anyone know if it might be included??

Thanks for any info

I’ve been search but not found any info on the FIRST firmware for there radios. Has it been released yet? I haven’t seen a blog post on it yet, so I have to assume it will not be available until Kickoff. Is that a fair assumption?

They haven’t posted any of the other updated software yet, so I assume it will all be posted after kickoff.

The radio is included in the KOP this year.

Edit I can’t seem to locate where I read that it would be included.

Typically any new required hardware is included in the kit of parts. While last years radio will still be legal with new firmware, I expect the new radio will be in the KOP. I have no inside information so this is educated speculation.

Per the 11/11 blog, Radio configuration tool will be posted no later than kickoff.

The radio firmware has been released. It can be found FIRSTs source forge website