New radio question

We are having trouble with our new radio that was in the kit of parts. Are we required to use this radio or can we use last year’s? Thanks in advance!

You have to use the radio included in this years kit of parts.

Hey Fredi, what is the trouble that you guys are having?

Not sure I can have our guys contact you for specifics… Thanks!

MY issues were fixed when i reflashed the firmware, then reset the WPA key.

R57 states you must use the new radio.

R57 One (1) OpenMesh Wireless Bridge (P/N: OM5P-AN), that has been configured with the appropriate

encryption key for your team number at each event, is the only permitted device for communicating

to and from the ROBOT during the MATCH.

The D-Link DAP1522 radio distributed from 2011-2015 is not legal for

2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Competition.

There are other threads here about teams having issues with the new radio, but it doesn’t seem to be a wide spread issue, mostly a team here and a team there.

I believe that is how we got ours to work again too.


I have 3 of these new radios.

  1. I had to turn off the wireless on my laptop I was using to flash them correctly.
  2. I had to flash them to make them compatible with FRC fields (even if they may never see a field).
  3. When I flashed the FRC firmware with success on each I accessed the configuration page and confirmed I got the FRC firmware (says FRC in the version).
  4. I did not buy these from AndyMark I got mine from Amazon.
  5. Crossover/straight through Ethernet cabling did not matter.
  6. Use the Ethernet port with the 802.3 in the label.
  7. I had no problem setting my team, WPA key or AP/Bridge/Frequency after I got this to work before that - I got success messages on the flash BUT the configuration would not take.

Currently we’re trying to use the new omp as a bridge and an old dlink modB as a 5ghz AP but for some reason they don’t play nice. We used the configuration utility to flash both, the omp as a bridge and the dlink as an ap. We’ve done it before for two dlinks and it worked just fine, but not for the new router.