New radio

My team and I have been notice that our radio is being a little annoying because it is losing communications a lot. I was just wondering if this has been happening to other teams?

Are you losing the Wifi connection or the Rio communication on the Driver Station? If the latter, check out this thread where we encountered the same problem:

Our team (and a lot others) had this problem too. FIRST acknowledged it in Update 08, and released the update to the FRC Radio Configuration in Update 10.

I would download the new FRC Radio Configuration utility (HERE) and re-flash the new firmware on your radio and see if that works.

If that doesn’t end up working: we moved the ethernet connection to the other port (the port closest to the power connector), and that fixed it (according to Team Update 08)

Our radio had been cutting out when we drive because the voltage has been dropping from 12 volts to 8 volts which apparently is not enough for the radio to stay connected. We use a lot of voltage because we are using all six cims. We had to add more cims to our drive train so the original motors don’t overexert and switch the cims used for our launcher to mini cims. We aren’t 100% sure this will work but we are trying it out currently.

Is your radio power coming from the Voltage Regulator Module (VRM)? If not, it should be. That module puts out a steady 12 V even when the input voltage drops below 12 V.


Do you have your radio powered from the VRM? According to the user manual, it should work all the way down to 5V input. If your powering it through the VRM, it shouldn’t be dropping out on you. On the other hand, if it’s powered straight from the PDP (which is not legal), it will drop out on you.