New Reflective Tape

Our team has loads of the old reflective tape and we want to try out vision tracking this year.

What changes were made leading to the new tape?

What changes will need to be made in the code?

Is the tape more or less reflective this year?

Does anyone have a small extra segment from the new tape they don’t need (PM me)?


We see basically no difference between a strip of last year’s Reflexite and a strip of this year’s 3M tape side by side.

Could you post some pictures?

If possible using a ring light or other colored source of light!

There is no difference, just simply the fact that it is 4" wide instead of 2" wide around the targets.

I believe (if I remember correctly) that the stuff from last year was glued on, whereas the 3M stuff from this year is sticky-back. This shouldn’t effect you, but just throwing that out there. I don’t know what your budget is, but AndyMark does have it for sale. Each roll is enough for half of one end of a field.

The price of the tape is just a little too pricy for me to justify

As mentioned, as far as we’ve seen, the materials are very similar optically. We haven’t tested funky wavelengths, but they are both the same micro-sphere technology and for the same purpose of increasing conspicuity at night. They really use that term.

Anyway, the new stuff is actually 12" wide and very tacky. The targets this year do use a lot of material. You may find it useful to make a half-scale taret of the 2" stuff and adjust the distance calculation.

Greg McKaskle