New Regional

I was wondering how many teams would come to a regional in Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville is mainly know for:
Space and Rocket Center/ NASA/ Space Camp
Redstone Arsenal
And More

It doesn’t seem like there are many teams in Alabama, and I’m not 100% sure where Huntsville is, but it is centrally located a days drive away from Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Carolinas, all relatively populated FIRST states. So it does have good amount of potential, especially if its held at the space camp. I don’t really know if we would attend since we already have two major regionals within a days drive that we may already plan on attending.

Seems like there’s already a pretty high concentration of regionals in the southeastern area, relative to the number of teams that populate it.

as long as it would be held on a weekend that isn’t immediately adjacent to some of the other southeastern regionals I think you would get enough teams to pull it off.

that’s for sure… most Florida teams of course go to UCF but they’ll drive to Palmetto or Peachtree… unless they fly which of course is a different story…

i know for 180 if it’s like a 12 hour drive then it’s okay more than that for us well is a horror story… going to Houston wasn’t a great bus ride…20+ yeah…

Huntsville though by the way is northern Alabama… sorta close to the northern border of Alabama

I would love going down to Hunstville for a Regional. The social could be at the Marshall Space Center. There is so much stuff to do there. I love that place. Although, I do believe that you may not be able to get a ton of teams to come unless they do 2 regionals because P’tre is less than a 4 hr drive away.

well I can’t put too many obligations on myself, but I would consider going if I don’t get bogged down with college work.

I hear FIRSTers will attend anything if you say there is a contest to see who has the “best legs” between Dave and Amanda… Try that.

The Mississippi Teams (I think there are 5 364, 590, 456, 462 and 1421) would all likely make an apperance. It would be alot closer than LSR or Palmetto. Team Fusion has been hoping that a New regional would pop up a little closer. There was rumor to be one in New Orleans this year but that was a flop.

i think that would be tight i went to space camp there and i’d love to go back and see if anybody can beat my record of riding the space shot 72 times!! heck yea!! It would also be a plus cause I’m just next door in MS

I wouldn’t mind going to Alabama for a regional, last year we went all the way up to New Hampshire and it was FREEEZZING. And Alabama is a little warmer. Plus
for me it would be closer to home and i could get some real southern food while i were there. I miss the south. :frowning:

Sorry to be a little bit off topic …

Lonestar or Palmetto would actually be closer than a Huntsville regional for us, but for most Mississippi team would benefit by having a shorter drive. In another thread Dave Lavery mentioned something about there not being enough teams in the New Orleans area for a regional. I would think that Huntsville would have the same problem Alabama has six teams, three of which are from Huntsville. Louisiana has five teams and four of which are from New Orleans and there are two Mississippi teams under two hour team away. I think that a New Orleans regional would be much more likely to happen due to it’s location with teams from surrounding areas.

Now back on topic …

If they held a regional in Huntsville, I’m sure I would go. :slight_smile:

I can’t really countenance starting a regional up somewhere like Alabama with very few teams and a lot of regionals around it. I mean, we’ve seen what happened at Waterloo, I dunno that a repeat would be a good thing. I know teams grow faster in an area with a regional, so it’s sort of a chicken and egg thing. However, the lack of teams and apparent lack of sponsors in the area as indicated by the lack or teams makes me less than hopeful for the sucess of said regional.

New Orleans right now has 4 active teams. For 2006 there will be 2 possibly 3 new teams. I will be presenting a pitch on September 7 to all north shore high school principals (7) to try to get at least 3 more new teams, to make a total of 9 or 10 teams from Orleans Parish and St. Tammany Parish. For New Orleans to have a regional First requires 20 new teams by 2007. I have my work cut out for me and I will be needing help. If any one knows of any high school with in a 200 mile radius of New Orleans (including areas in Mississippi) that might like to put together a team, have them contact me by private email. I will be able to meet the principals/teachers on a one to one basis to discuss and help start up new teams. Louisiana has $100.000.00 dollars of grants for new school through NASA and the Louisiana Space Consortium, and Mississippi has grants through Stennis Space Center. Sorry about getting away from the original Huntsville regional discussion.


Please tell me what happened at Waterloo? The last time I checked (Note that I was actually in attendance) the regional went off without a hitch. For an entire weekend, the Physical Activities Complex at the University of Waterloo was standing room only as 24 teams packed house and kept the fans wildly entertained.

Yes, the event was smaller than anticipated, but there were a few reasons for that, none of which had anything to do with a lack of teams or lack of sponsors. Our event was scheduled for the Easter holiday weekend, which turned numerous teams away. In addition, the event was also scheduled during the Toronto District School Board spring break. With the schools being closed that weekend, most TDSB teams were hesitant to attend. This may sound small, but let’s not forget that the TDSB sponsors of 20 of our local teams. So, these two factors shrunk our regional from a projected size of 35-40 teams down to 24.

I mean, we’ve seen what happened at Waterloo, I dunno that a repeat would be a good thing.

Overall the regional was a huge success. Teams left more than satisfied, huge amounts of interest was generated in the community, and our already ample sponsor base was further solidified. So in 2006, there will be a repeat, and trust me, once again it will be a good thing.

Actually what hurt Waterloo more than anything was Easter weekend. I doubt that will be an issue next season and you will see an even bigger and better regional next season.

It only takes willingness of a team of great and dedicated workers to pull of a regional. I am speaking from my experience. Pulling off an off season during a hurricane isn’t easy. I have gone through that. But the dream did come true. If you look at the problem positively, it’s easy to solve it. Yes, you will face a lot of trouble on the way… but doesn’t mean that it can’t be pulled off.

If you didn’t know Alabama hosts one of the biggest competition for BEST (with over 80 teams). If that can be hosted and can be ran smoothly, a FIRST regional will be welcomed very warmly. If I am not mistaking, teams like to go to new regionals so they get to compete with other teams in the nation. From my perspective, I am sure a lot of teams will be interested in going to Alabama for a regional. A lot of times, the discussion of going to a new regional comes up all the time in the chat. Students on the team likes to go to new places.

Let there be a regional in Alabama, I guarantee you that after that year, we will see bunch of rookie teams from Alabama.

I have been to a three BEST competition they are ran well. Its just in a very
boring part of the state (Auburn a great school and football team but around a BUNCH OF COWS)

I really hope one day we will have a regonial in Huntsville.

It appears that the competitions will not occur during the Passover or Easter holidays in 2006.

I heard something about someone from the VBCC may be looking into going with us to SC to see if it would work here, I dunno, might happen, might not

Team 32 would not have to drive :ahh: most fun is on the road with our team.