New Regionals for 2007

Not that our team is planning to adjust our plans for LSR and championships, but curiosity brings me to ask, “What are the rumors for new regionals in 2007?” :slight_smile:

Brazil … UK …


One rumor I’ve heard is that there will be two new regionals next year, bringing the total to 35.

I’ve also heard that one of the new regionals will be Kansas City – that one is pretty solid since they’ve been planning for almost two years now, have at least a dozen local teams, and have at least one major sponsor.

I haven’t heard anything of new regionals but I wish there would be one here in the QC.

Do you, or others, know what they have put in place to develope those new teams? If that dozen teams was created in the same 2 year timeframe that works out to be six a year. :cool:

The new regionals for 2007 are tentatively scheduled to be Kansas City, New Orleans and San Diego.

They aren’t 100% official, as venues, contracts and some sponsors are still being confirmed - but those are the three being planned for if everything falls into place.

Actually even cooler. :cool: :cool:

A quick search of FIRST registrations for the St. Louis and Colorado 2006 regionals will reveal many KC area teams that list the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation as a sponsor. Thirteen teams at STL and fourteen at Colorado (with one team registered for both events) were sponsored by EMKF. Twenty-one of these teams are 2006 rookies. Rumor is that foundation will also be the principal sponsor for the KC regional.

Any chance we can have the New Orleans regional a bit early, possibly around the 20th of February? If so, I’ll there with bells (or beads) on. :slight_smile:

Is New Orleans going to be ready for a regional next year? I know that they’re trying to rebuild, but can they handle that much yet?

As much as we’d hate to believe it, a regional is small potatoes.

small potatoes indeed

Hopefully New Orleans won’t get hit by another hurricane. Even if they didn’t have a regional I hope that. I don’t think they can afford another hit.

Yes. The funding is largely in place, the teams are there (and there will be grants for more), the venue site visits are being held, and the organizing committee has been in place for quite a while. Surveys of the venues, available hotels, transportation options, etc, have been conducted. As long as no new events affect the region during this hurricane season, Louisiana will be ready for the Bayou Regional in 2007.


You mean ship date? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, if ship day is Fat Tuesday, and the Bayou Regional starts two days after that … is there a downside? Laissez les bon temps ro-bot!

[edit] Maybe we can ship our 'bot down river by boat! [/edit]

^to prepare for the water game? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, being a relatively new Louisiana resident this is some exciting news! I would love to help out with the regional planning if anyone asks for help.

I visited New Orleans for Mardi Gras last year (hey it was free) and many of the touristy areas were mostly cleaned up. Unless it gets hit hard again it would Definitely be prepared for a regional.

Well here in San Diego we’re gearing up to put together a great regional, though we can’t share any details as of yet.

So there isn’t a Brazillian regional happening after all?

I think there needs to be a European FIRST regional to encourage the creation of European teams. It would also be a good FIRST step in getting Department of Defense Schools involved.

Regional in South Lousiana???

Robots, gumbo and boudin…

It doesn’t get any better than that.

I can’t wait to see where the venue is.