New Ri3D from 225 & 2590 - FIRST Capital Ri3D


TechFire 225 and Nemesis 2590 are proud to present FIRST Capital Ri3D, a new Ri3D team for FIRST Mid-Atlantic. The “FIRST Capital” title is named for our build location, the first capital of the USA (York, PA).

FIRST Capital Ri3D is primarily made up of mentors & alumni from 225 and 2590, but it also includes alumni/mentors from 2481, 3260, and 1807. We have representation from 13 different universities on the team.

We will be streaming at, so check us out starting January 5th until our build ends on January 8th.

Check out our hype video!

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FIRST Updates Now

FIRST Capital Ri3D is proudly partnering with TechFire 225, Nemesis 2590, Rev Robotics, AndyMark, Vex Robotics, FIRST Updates Now, Penn-Air, Coupling Corporation of America, and Paragon Engineering Services. Thank you all for making this happen!


Having gotten to work with both 225 and 2590 this past season, we’re excited to see what ideas you come up with together!

Aside from the FUN broadcasts, are there plans to release any sort of summary documents or technical resources post-build?


We plan to release many supplemental informational/instructional videos throughout the build and other artifacts we deem useful (could be the CAD, code, etc) that we feel are complete enough for release.

Two of the most dominant teams in FMA to do an RI3D build? I can only see awesomeness coming from this collaboration.

Good luck!