New Robot Controller Design?

Does anyone happen to know what the new robot controllor for 04 will look like? I know the specs seeing as they are on the innovationfirst site but just as far as the design goes? Just something that I wanted to know after all we all like to play with the new componates!

I’ll tell you excatly how it looks on January 10th. :slight_smile:


Makes me wonder whats so special that we can't see it until then...

I think that it will look just like the edu controller except larger

Thats what I was thinking just scrap the solinoid part. But like Wetzel said I guess that we will all find out on Jan 10th

On this webpage, it lists the dimentions of the 2004 FRC controller as being the same as the 2003 FRC controller. This doesn’t help with what it looks like, but I’m willing to bet they won’t change too much about the classical system.

um im more into fineding out what the bew game is before anything :yikes:

Seing as the dims are the same, i think its a pretty good bet that it will look a whole lot like the ones from prev years. Think about it from an IFI standpoint. Why waste design resources to create a new design, when the old one os jsut fine. I’m guessign that the lights will change and the connectors will change, but other than that my guess is that it will look no different. IFI seems to be quite fond of the boxy square design. Look at the field controllers, the OI, and old RCs… Even the new edubot is a boxy rectangle( a close relative of the boxy square). [semi off topic] I really wish they would loose the .1" headers, but i don’t think it will happen. Pin headers are great, but every conenctor has a purpose and .1" headers are not meant for exposed high stress environmsnts such as a FIRST robot. They could at least use locking .1 headers. Somewhere i heard a rumor that they were replacing the D-sub connectors with something else. I really hope this is not true, especially if that means .1" headers. :ahh: I never have been one for rumors though.