New Robot Tutorials

To help you design better robots, SolidWorks created a new series of video tutorals.

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The Robotics Tutorial button will lead you to 9 lessons from your first bracket to compression springs, mounting wheels, wiring, applying purchased components from Andy Mark, detailing drawings for manufacturing, sharing your models with others in your team, and applying game stategy.

The Lego® Tutorial button takes you from the design of a toy car to the design of a robot in motion. This truly is a fun exercise in physics.

Tutorials contain the model files both before and after to see the solution.

Now is the time to enhance your modeling skills - no matter what CAD tool you decide to learn or what competiton you are in, these techniques are important for robot design. No CAD software is required to view the videos.

You must have SolidWorks 2010-2011 to open the model files. For Sponsorship, please go

To view the tutorials, go to

Thank you to the teams from all over the world that provided input to these videos. No matter if you compete in Singapore, Ukraine, Netherlands, Japan, Canada or Worcester, MA, USA, I love to see you design robots.


Sounds interesting :slight_smile: