New Robotics Workroom

After 10 years team 1208 finally has a dedicated work space.

It looks soooo pretty and clean.

Congratulations, looks very nice

Looks great and congrats to 1208. We also enjoyed a new work space provided by our district this year and it really enhanced our capabilities. Look out for 1208.

You mean to tell me 1208 has been building great robots all these years without a dedicated workroom?

Anyway, congrats on the new space and on a great season.

Oh great, now we get have have 1208 against us after a season with a dedicated build room? Whatever will we do? :yikes:

Congrats on the new room! It looks very nice. :smiley:

We also moved into a new lab at our school over the summer. It is in the old small engine lab in the industrial hall. It about the same amount of room but is a much better layout for us.

We now have a separate class room area, workshop, mentors office, storage room and a practice/showroom space all with high ceilings (no more removing ceiling tiles to test tall robots.) Best yet, it is located next to the welding class and machine class (with their brand new Haas CNC.) Also we can make all the noise we want! We also have a private garage door to move our stuff in and out of instead of carrying everything through the hallways of the career center.

The room was an absolute disaster area when we got it. It was full of years of junk and everything was covered in oil! We had to move out of our old room before we could start working on the new room so they could convert it into classroom space. This made our work twice as hard.

We are still settling in, I think it will be an ongoing process for the rest of the year, but we are pretty thrilled with it.

We hope to have an open house when we get everything finished.

New Lab photos

Congrats on the new facility! Just don’t let it get disheveled into chaos :wink:

We had a new facility in 09, and in just 2 years the thing became utter chaos. You probably have this already, but with a new facility, make sure that you are a bit more stressful on cleaning up. Nothing’s better than a cleaned workroom to build robots in.