New Rule, can still swerve?

Hey guys, how are you? So, my coach and I were looking at this new rule for the 2024 season, and I was in doubt whether or not you could use a Swerve Drive, as it uses 2 motors for each wheel (8 per drivetrain ), but the rule says that motors that change the direction of the wheels in contact with the carpet are not included, so does that mean you can still use the swerve?

Hey there, a robust discussion is happening over in [FRC Blog] Motor Rule Changes for 2024 Season

tl;dr yes you can still swerve due to the nuance of the current statement since 1 motor in the module drives the wheel while the other steers.


As long as the swerve modules is using one motor for driving and one motor for steering then it is allowed. Most (all) of the COTS systems you can buy will abide by this rule.


Thanks guys we were pretty worried since we just bought our swerves wheels lol


I’m sure you aren’t the only one who might need some reassurance on this rule! Don’t worry, and good luck.