New Scouting System

Hey Everybody,

I am currently finishing up a new scouting system. Though it wasn’t completely ready for Week 1 regionals, I plan on having it ready for this week’s regionals. But this can only happen, with the help of the FIRST community. Currently 622 of this year’s 1500 some odd teams are in the database, along with only 7 robots.

A few FRC team members from the Midwest and Eastern states have given me suggestions on how to improve upon the database functionality. As well as, one from California, who really wants me to follow suit of The Blue Alliance and create an API key.

Please help… Click here to go to the website. The more you contribute, the better off your team, my team, and other teams will be at picking alliance partners and noting other teams’ abilities and advantages.

Reply with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions below.

Quentin Sheets
Team 245

The Site is now fully functional, with the exception of team stats which should be up by by 12:00 AM EST.

The downloadable versions will follow shortly after that.

At least it is in time for Week 3… :smiley:

No worries, MN regional is week 5 :slight_smile:


I just updated team 1676’s robot stats. Looks good- thanks for making the effort!

I just got back from the midwest rookie event and the highest score was 56, and a high of 16 in hybrid mode so i do expect experienced teams to score at least in the 100’s and the teams that can hurdle hurdle about 2 times a match from arms to a spring launch and a hammer
thats just what i have to say

i posted for 25

Please check back on the website within the next half hour for updated scripts…

Once again the link is:

I added some more functionality that the site may have been missing :yikes: … but it’s all good now. Teams in matches can now be identified as disabled (i.e. robot fell over and can’t get back up), as well as disqualified. Also you can now view the team stats as averages or total sums. which should also help with choosing alliances.

Q. Sheets

I really love this site. I think tba should take note of this and use it an there site. I will do my best to get all the hi teams stats on this site Friday for week 4. Great job guys.

Thanks nugget…

Before I forget, I should also warn everyone that the site currently only does qualification matches… I haven’t had the time to give it the ability to differentiate between qualification and elimination yet… this might get done this weekend while I’m in Detroit.