New Seasons, New Challenges

As I was shoe shopping yesterday (my reluctant annual acknowledgement that summer’s end is nearing and I have to wear “real” footwear again) it dawned on me that we are rapidly approaching New Year’s. To me, New Year’s Day was never about January 1, it was and is about a day in late August or early September. My personal calendar year coincides with the school year.

To our JFLL and FLL participants whose season kicks off on September 15 - good luck with the new MINDSTORMS NXT kit and Nano Quest challenge! It will be interesting to see what you come up with this year!

To our FVC members - team registration is scheduled to start for you next week - mark your calendars for the September 13 game release - and another challenging season.

To our FRC members - use this pre-season time to regroup, organize, fundraise, team build and prepare for your season… and support your JFLL/FLL/FVC members in their events.

May you take the inspiration you’ve learned in FIRST with you as you return to work from summer vacations, to apply in your classrooms, and to explore new worlds as you head off to college or other opportunities. Remember, FIRST isn’t just about what you’re doing on the competition field, it’s about changing the culture around you! Make an impact! Happy (FIRST) New Year to all of you!

Happy New Year to you, too, KathieK. Oboy, did that summer rush by!

I’m particularly excited about the greatly expanded plans for FVC, with so many more events. See this thread for CD discussion of where and when.

I can’t wait til next year comes!!! gets all excited