New Security Policies for All Events in NC


I’m not a North Carolinian, so maybe this has already been explained elsewhere that I’m not aware of…

They haven’t actually described who is to supply these badges. Will they be provided by the event? Are teams to make them?


A pack of them are given to team coaches to distribute to the team


Hartford regional 2014 had a man run into the gym and sit in the stands and try to hide from the police he was found and arrested. Right inside the gym


I feel this whole setup is a joke glad I’m not in north Carolina yet! Hopefully they realize this policy is flawed and erase by the time I move. Not an ounce safer and a whole heck of a lot more annoyance. I would intentionally walk in with a giant beck full of junk and have then go through it maybe all other teams will miss there matches and we would win by default


At the University of Minnesota regionals, we’ve had to deal with bag checks for atleast 7 years (as long as I’ve been involved with FIRST). It really isn’t as bad as you make it to be, yes it means we have to sit around waiting to get into the regional, but it means we get to sit around talking with other teams for a bit.


Given how well that works to keep food and beverages out I’m not convinced this is going to do much of anything other than get in the way.


As punishment for your disagreement, I’m instituting a policy where all food containers will be searched and siezed if they look tasty for any mentors coming into our lab. I look forward to having your dinner tomorrow night. :wink:


My personal opinion is that these “security lines” are the most dangerous place to be. If someone wants to hurt a bunch of people, you shouldn’t build your security around grouping large numbers of people in a small area. That just seems counter-intuitive.


Keep in mind that NC is on Districts. In my experience, high school gyms don’t really care if you bring in outside food most of the time.

Only 2 of the 5 district events are happening at high schools. The other 3 are at basketball venues for three universities: UNC Asheville, UNC Pembroke, Campbell University. The universities tend to be substantially more strict on food because they don’t want competition with their own vendors. (“No outside food” is often written into those contracts.)


I would wager this is almost entirely about covering their ■■■■■ from a liability standpoint and not about making anyone materially safer.

I have yet to see a bag check at a sporting event that would actually catch a well hidden weapon. Maybe NFL bag checks where you can only bring in a clear bag. But even then if they don’t make you remove everything you could have something wrapped in a jacket.




It’s been two years now but Campbell did not have a zero outside food or drink policy for steam works. Every team brought their own food. I guess we’ll see what this year brings.