New Segway Model...for Golf!

Segway x2 enables a faster round of golf

November 7, 2006
Once billed as the future of personal mobility, the Segway has certainly had its fair share of trials and not many tribulations, but another of its many benefits surfaced this week in respect to its viability as an alternative to the golf kart. The Segway x2 Golf features a bag carrier, as well as a scorecard holder and special low-pressure tires that enable the x2 Golf to travel gently, causing less damage to the turf than a golf cart. In announcing that the Tiburón Golf Club at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida would be the first in the country to offer the Segway x2 Golf to its clients, club officials had some very complimentary things to say after the club had conducted three months of testing. A typical round of golf at the course usually takes at least four hours, but the Segway’s zippiness enables 18 holes in less than three hours. Whatsmore, players who use the Segway products also find that it’s easier to talk because all four players can travel the course side by side, rather than having to split up into two separate golf carts.

The Club will have eight Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) in use at the Greg Norman-designed championship gold course from next month. Visitors to the 18th annual Merrill Lynch Shootout at Tiburón will have the opportunity to see and try the Segway x2 Golf over the next few days.

Glad to finnally see it hit golfcourses and not just segways site for personaly buyers…

If you have ever ridden a segway i think this is an amazing step to a more immersive experience on a golf course, espically for visitors playing the course for the first time.

I hope this is adapted more to high class courses and resorts. Just the price may turn off many resorts.

I know I’m probably going to get flamed for this, but isn’t that a little bit overkill? There is nothing wrong with the current golf cart. They claim that it won’t destroy the grass as much; I’d like to see those statistics. The thing looks as heavy on a golf cart, but only has 2 contact points with the ground, while a golf cart has 4…Anyway, to me, it just seems like a way for rich people to show off (<- that’s where the flames are going to come :wink: ), but then again, it’s just my view of the segway as impractical (<- Again. )

Just from a mechanical standpoint, what is easier to get from point A to B, an 80lb machine (plus the weight of a person) or the weight of a several hundred pound machine (plus two people). Since the two Segways would do same thing as a golf cart, but with only the fraction of the weight and size, would they not be more efficient energy and cost wise? :wink:

If you really want overkill, I would say a golf cart itself is overkill for driving from one hole to another. :wink:

I had a really nice post typed up with the math and links to sites where I got the information, but it was lost in a spell check/Internet burp. but the numbers I do still have is
Segway X2 golf, 120lbs
EZ-GO golf cart without batteries 550
Segway ground pressure alone 60lbs per wheel
EZ-GO ground pressure 137.5 per wheel
as the weight of the passenger increases the pressure of the Segway goes up as a function of half the riders weight, whereas on the EZ-GO its one fourth of the weight with the Segway matching the cart at 310lbs. However this is with the cart having no batteries and only one passenger.

I really wish my other post had survived, :frowning:
Segway Golf Transporter
EZ-Go golf cart
BTW the gas version of the cart is in the 680lb area.
To cover another base, yes the size of the tire and the amount of compression affect the footprint of the tire and thus the ground pressure/ground loading, but the stats for the Segway weren’t easily available.
Some quick researching goes a long way before posting sometimes, food for thought.