New Segway MODEL!

I dunno how accurate this info is! I am a counsler @ FIRST PLACE in Manchester NH, (hometown of the Segway) and one of the kids I had as a camper who’s dad works for segway, said they were developing a Model that could “kinda climb stairs, its really cool! The two sets of wheels move like the Ibot’s do, they kinda rotate”.

If I am wrong, sorry. But this is what I heard, and its pretty close to the source.

-Matt :slight_smile:

That would be a cool addition if anything, because if it couldn’t climb stairs, maybe it would at least be able to drive on and off a street curb without causing any harm to its rider.

I kinda regret posting this, I dont want any news service to see it. They may go wild.


Look familiar?

That was an origional patent picture. The Segway was always ment to climb stairs, they just unvailed a simpiler, cheeper model on December 5th, 2001.

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**I kinda regret posting this, I dont want any news service to see it. They may go wild.

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Yeah I do remeber that, all I was saying is that they might bring it to production.

P.s. Do you know where to get all those old Pattent Sheets are?

hmm, if the segway was always meant to climb stairs, why did they cut that out of the current model? i would think that would be an important thing to many people, especially in the city. think about it, you want to buy a segway, but your apartment building has a few stairs in the front. you’re not going to be able to ride up (heck, dean couldn’t clear the lip on the playing field, you’re not going to make it up a staircase), and you’re not going to carry it up. a segway with three wheels that could climb stairs would make a huge amount of sense. the only problem i see is an increase in power needed, so either a bigger battery, or shorter run time per charge. but i think that problem is a minor thing when compared to all the benefits from a design like that.

I completely agree. I would sacrafise 2 houres of run time for a feature like that.

As for the patenet sheets, I went to . GO to additional reading then patents.

As for leaving it out of the current model, think, you have just announced a machine that costs $3000, much more than what some will pay, and you want to add a feature that could add atleast $1000 to the bottom line, that would be bad business.

The will release the origional verson and then the Segway 2. There are probably a few prototypes floating around, but think here. They might have had to releas the lower verson because the more expensive one that can climb stairs might not be ready. The eStand feature was just implimented for the Segways in the past few weeks. It wasn’t available for any of the Demo models at WDW or for testing at GE.

eStand? i’ve never heard of that. care to explain?

Estand, Kick Stand

I SAW ONE! I Saw a new SEGWAY Model! I was down by their headcourters and this guy was rididng one around with a big yellow EXPERIMENTAL Sicker on it!

is it like the patent picture, or different? also, do you have any ideas on the specs? be interesting to see how the two versions compare.

His idea to walk up stairs isn’t new. It’s even been in a movie.(guess which one)

I dont understand this whole movie thing!?

sorry i was a little vague on that:rolleyes:. Anyway the wheel design is called the tri-star. It was originally patented in the U.S. as military vehicles. Well the same design appears on a vehicle in the movie called damnation island. I need to go edit my last post quickly sorry:). Try searching for “tri-star” wheel patent on yahoo. I think there are pictures and informationa about it at hear Btw is it just because of all the gyroscopes that the segway can balance only on two wheels like that in the picture?? It’s even been attempted on junkyard wars. It’s very effective.

Wow that lego thing is phat :cool:

e-Stand is a feature that allows you to step off the Segway and it not fall over, while it is still turned on without a kickstand.

Also, I too have lost all respect for you, especialy with the prototype running around. Dean is a little paranoid when it comes to projects. I woudn’t expect you to see one anytime soon. Unless he plans to announce this new model on the 1st birthday of the Segway…

Of course dean wouldent let anyone see anything that great about the segway. The new models I have seen have just been with experimental Software, and Some new type of “Saddle Bags”.

There havent been any MAJOR design changes, although some of the older models (Beafore they were released) have different color sceams.

I dont know why people are all made @ me :frowning:

P.s. The E-Stand Isnt avaible on all models, actualy only on the a few I models and all E Models. The problem is people where getting on them without dis-enaging the E-Stand. The P model doesnt have a E-stand, you just have to lean it against something.